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Ecuador police - is Ecuador safe

Is Ecuador Safe ?

Let’s be candid. If you are thinking of a global relocation anywhere in the world, the issue of crime and safety will be on your mind.  Almost every “home country” will have tales about “the crime that occurs over there,” with little thought often given to the crime that occurs around the corner.  The point is that crime is relative.  The same, for example, U.S. State Department brief that provide... »

Ecuador Customs Regulations

Customs Regulations in Ecuador

 The Daily Brief – Recent Changes to Customs Regulations in Ecuador “The only constant is change” – Isaac Asimov.  While Mr. Asimov likely borrowed the context, if not the outright oft-cited quote, from the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus, the modern day application is best illustrated when discussing  Customs Regulations in Ecuador.  It seems like every other month the... »

Mail Ecuador Style

Mail Ecuador Style

You’ve Got Mail – Ecuador Style So you’ve done everything perfectly right…made your exploratory visits to Ecuador, established professional contacts, purchased that sweet beach house of which you’ve always dreamed, sent off an army of shippers to relocate your household belongings across the globe (please, reconsider the latter, for your own sanity) and said good-bye to the kids, now b... »

Pirates of the Pacific 3

Pirates of the Pacific

One night, a friend of mine, named David, and I were sitting around his gorgeous penthouse condo, overlooking Salinas Bay in Ecuador.  As we sipped a cocktail…or two…David commented on the wayward journey that had independently brought us both to the shores of Ecuador.  At once, he incisively affirmed, “It is like we are modern day pirates.”  Modern day pirates, indeed.  It stuck with ... »

Ecuador - Internet

Ecuador and the Internet – Truth, Lies & Statistics

So you are all ready to make the big move down to Ecuador.  You’ve come to visit a few times, found the perfect home, packed your belongings and your mind starts to stir.  Thoughts of reaching your new found paradise and emailing all your friends, sending photos and videos…wait!  Rewind!  Email…photos…videos. We kind of take those things for granted, don’t we?  Just sit a spell a... »

Moving to Ecuador

Moving to Ecuador

Good folks move overseas for a variety of reasons – adventure, retirement, employment opportunities and better investment value, all meet the criteria.  Ecuador is no different.  This is a brief primer of things you will want to consider, get to know and accomplish, prior to taking the big leap and moving to Ecuador. The first thing anyone should consider is the obvious…the most basic ... »

Ecuador - Exit Stage Left

Ecuador Exit Stage Left

I know, I know.   I can hear it now, from our editorial team to many readers like yourself.  Keep it light, keep it fluffy…keep it cheerful.  We are supposed to be “happy, shiny” people.  I will leave that to the “other guys”.  There are plenty who believe that operating a website that promotes a particular global region means you can only highlight the good, while plying smoke and mirrors t... »